Rublix based on Ethereum technology

The Platform

Combining Modern Day Finance with State of the Art Technology

Rublix has been engineered to eleminate the most common risks and issues in the world of decentralized markets. The majority of these problems can be solved by providing a layer of transparency while building an elite community of backers. To keep transactions super fast, handle volume and optimize scalability, its applications and platform will be an exclusive product and availability will be limited.

Financial instruments

for both amatures and pros

Create and control your own private investment portfolio utilizing solid financial advice obtained through Rublix' proprietary web application "Hedge". Explore a database of users to gather high quality investment information sorted using a custom credibility algorithm fueled by Rublix' native currency.


Rublix is proud to be developing the worlds first enterprise level trading platform for the crypto world.


Turn all your investments into profits using Rublix' premiere Hedge investment advice/rewards platform.


Introducing Centurio the worlds easiest, and most efficient cross platform wallet for modern day use.

Envisioning a stronger financial connection between people and the crypto-space.

Let's face it, the industry is frightening to many newcomers and it can be seen with the recent volatility. Even though blockchain technology has been around for years, it's still considered to be very new. Adoption is still not common in a lot of areas and the current state of the crypto market is used to its full potential by very few people. This intimidation puts a halt on growth as a community and we are here to strengthen these areas by building modernized tools to let people experience the complete potential of a bankless society.

We believe at a 100 billion dollar total market-cap, which is approximately 14% off AAPLs total market-cap, the decentralized market still has plenty of room to grow with the proper community contributing.

  • Decentralized Trading
  • The Rublix platform enables trading between large cap cryptos on the market with lower exchange fees.

  • Asset Management
  • Rublix will be appealing to professionals in the finance space who want to participate in the decentralized market.

  • Built Solid
  • We developed the Rublix framework with some of the best designers and coders in the world.

  • Block Explorer
  • The advanced block explorer shows and logs realtime transaction data happening on the Rublix chain.

Meet the team.

Rublix is backed by world class talent in technology, finance and business. We are headquartered in Calgary, AB Canada and currently have partners globally.


David Waslen

CEO + Co-Founder


Peter Danihel

Developer + Co-Founder


Lukas Kamandulis

Chief Marketing Officer


Rhys Boulanger

Director of Operations


Chris Chan



Jeff Chin



Reece Torode



Rublix is always searching for talented individuals in the finance, blockchain and software engineering space. If you think you are a great fit for our team don't hesitate to contact us at

We don't require any post secondary education, just a bit of ambition and a history of success in your past.

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