Rublix based on Ethereum technology


While blockchain technology has been an exciting area of development for several years, mainstream adoption of decentralized currencies has yet to occur. Because let’s face it - cryptocurrency investing can be intimidating and complex. The market is volatile, there seems to be an ever increasing number of coin launches, and the rapidity of technological advancement is difficult to keep up with.

Enter Rublix. A platform that merges modern day finance with the cryptocurrency space by providing valuable tools to educate prospective investors and help people experience the full potential of a bankless society.

Rublix Platform


By utilizing Rublix’ blockchain-powered tools, traders can bring sophisticated finance strategies to the cryptocurrency marketplace. Rublix products promote transparency, reward success and enable effective trading analysis. They are built for scalability, high volume and will elevate trading know-how and performance for all Rublix participants. Rublix replaces intimidation with confidence and increases the acumen of cryptocurrency investors by providing the infrastructure to:

  • Learn from respected traders
  • Put that guidance comfortably into action

Introducing our Hedge platform.

Rublix’ proprietary web application “Hedge" is a networking tool for trading tips built on the Rublix blockchain. Create and control your own private investment portfolio by utilizing solid financial advice obtained from Rublix’ community of proven investors and traders.

Hedge is a community based on trust.
Join us.

How does Hedge work?

Hedge allows users to explore a database of experienced traders to gather high quality investment information using a credibility algorithm fuelled by the Rublix Coin. Traders who post high-quality, useful information will be rewarded for their efforts via Rublix Coin from their followers.

In other words, you get paid for giving good advice.

Hedge is your gateway to building real wealth

for both amateurs and pros

The Hedge platform is being built to bring fairness and transparency to investors of all types by establishing a community of trusted analysts and traders. Our vision is to help people of all sophistication levels achieve their financial goals by managing their portfolios confidently in-house without worrying about potential scams. Hedge allows users to explore a database of traders to gather high quality investment information using a credibility algorithm fuelled by the Rublix Coin.

OUR NEXT TOOL: TradersEdge


World-class artists, athletes, doctors, scientists and professionals of any nature all use state-of-the-art tools and equipment to perform their best. Trading is no different. In addition to building trading confidence through community support via Hedge, Rublix intends to upgrade the actual cryptocurrency trading experience itself. Rublix’ TradersEdge will be an API-based exchange platform equipping cryptocurrency traders with the highest standard of in-depth analysis tools, interactive charting mechanisms, enhanced indicators and much more. There are plenty of exceptional trading platforms in other markets, it’s about time cryptocurrencies had the same trading tools.

TradersEdge raises cryptocurrency exchanges to the level of modern finance.

  • Decentralized Trading
  • RBLX will be a tradable currency but is a coin needed to gain access to Rublix products such as Hedge.

  • Asset Management
  • Rublix appeals to amateurs and professionals in the finance space who want to participate in the decentralized market.

  • Built Solid
  • All Rublix products are built with robust infrastructure with the utmost security.

  • Block Explorer
  • The advanced block explorer shows and logs realtime transaction data happening on the Rublix chain.

Meet the team.

Rublix is backed by world class talent in technology, finance and business. We are headquartered in Calgary, AB Canada and currently have partners globally.


David Waslen

CEO + Co-Founder


Peter Danihel

CTO + Dev + Co-Founder


Lukas Kamandulis

Chief Marketing Officer


Rhys Boulanger

Director of Operations


Chris Chan



Jeff Chin



Reece Torode



Rublix is always searching for talented individuals in the finance, blockchain and software engineering space. If you think you are a great fit for our team don't hesitate to contact us at

We don't require any post secondary education, just a bit of ambition and a history of success in your past.

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