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The world is riddled with fake news, pump and dump scams and overwhelming amounts of fraudulent online content. As an investor in any marketplace, how can you distinguish between noise and trustworthy information? Meanwhile, blockchain technology has the ability to validate information in a transparent and inviolable manner. If only there was a networking site that provided trading strategies from blockchain-verified traders for a wider investor community and a platform that enabled advanced yet uncomplicated cryptocurrency trading.

Enter the Rublix Toolbox.

Rublix is developing an ecosystem called Hedge powered by smart contracts and coin rewards where investors can learn from more sophisticated trading experts with blockchain-verified track records.
Rublix also intends to upgrade the trading experience itself through TradersEdge, a platform that will make - not just cryptocurrency trading - but any trading less complex.
Rublix is creating a proprietary wallet called Centurio. In alpha stage, this wallet will be used to store Rublix native cryptocurrency (RBLX).

Rublix Platform


Rublix eliminates the intimidation factor, creates confidence, and heightens the acumen for traders of any marketplace. Our vision is to help traders enhance their skills and equip them with modern finance tools for cryptocurrency trading.

  • Learn and enhance your trading skills from blockchain-verified traders
  • Earn rewards for high-quality analysis
  • Confidently trade cryptocurrencies with advanced yet easy-to-use trading tools

Introducing the Hedge platform.

Rublix’s web application “Hedge" is a networking tool uniquely designed for trading analysis, education and predictions. Hedge community members post trading information to help their audience members learn about any industry or trading strategy. Traders can post trading predictions in the form of a “Blueprint” and get rewarded for accurate information.

A community based on trust.

All Blueprints are coded into a Smart Contract and stored on the Blockchain, awaiting for an outcome which will be verified by several Smart Oracles for accuracy. This system ensures trust and transparency between all analysts and their followers while including a decentralized dispute mechanism to resolve external issues fairly.

How does Hedge work?

Hedge allows users to explore a database of experienced traders to gather high quality investment information using a credibility algorithm fuelled by the Rublix token (RBLX). Traders who maintain a high-quality track record and share useful trading blueprints will be rewarded for their efforts utilizing a unique Smart Contract system built using the Hedge platform.

In other words, you get paid for providing hiqh-quality analysis.

Hedge is your gateway to building wealth

for both amateurs and pros

The Hedge platform is designed to bring validation and transparency to investors of all types by establishing a community of trusted analysts and traders. Our vision is to help people of all sophistication levels enhance their trading skills, gain confidence and trade profitably.

OUR NEXT TOOL: TradersEdge


World-class artists, athletes, doctors, scientists and professionals of any nature all use state-of-the-art tools and equipment to achieve peak performance. Trading is no different. While Hedge builds trading confidence through community support, Rublix intends to upgrade the actual cryptocurrency trading experience itself. Rublix’ TradersEdge is a platform equipping cryptocurrency traders with the highest standard of in-depth analysis tools, interactive charting mechanisms, enhanced indicators and much more. One can find a myriad of exceptional trading platforms in other markets, isn’t it about time cryptocurrencies had the same trading tools?

TradersEdge raises cryptocurrency exchanges to the level of modern finance.

  • Q4 2016

    Initial Development Stage

    Rublix conducts market research to obtain insight on its blockchain innovations and ideas. Results are promising and the product "Hedge" goes into pre-development stages. The project is officially underway.

  • Q1 2017

    Rublix Unveiling

    Web site is created to showcase the current projects to the public. The TradersEdge platform is introducted as a future potential product. Press releases are sent out to blogs in the crypto-space. The Hedge UX, Smart Contracts and Oracles integration are continually being developed.

  • Public Announcement

  • Q1 2018

    Token Sale Phase

    A planned token sale is undertaken to distribute the initial tokens to an international audience.

  • Q2 2018

    Hedge Alpha Release

    An early stage of Hedge will be available to a limited few token holders to assist with development, improvements and showcase the current progress of the Hedge product.

  • Q2 2018

    Hedge Trader Recruitment

    An invite will be extended to a community of well known traders from reputable Hedge funds and Investment banks to represent the Hedge brand.

  • Q2 2018

    Hedge V1 Release

    Hedge with "Blueprint" integration utilizing Smart Contracts is released. This version will run off the Ethereum mainnet and should have almost all anticipated functionalities.

  • Late Q2 2018

    Blockchain Announcement

    Rublix will announce its official blockchain status and possible near-term token swap. The briefing will inform the public of unique features exclusive to the upcoming Rublix platform as well as estimated release dates.

  • Q3 2018

    Testnet Launch

    Rublix is aiming to have a well established testnet for presentation and development purposes.

  • Q3 2018

    Hedge V2 Public Release

    Hedge integration with Rublix's mainnet will be released to the public. This final release will have all anticipated features and possibly more.

  • Late Q3 2018

    TradersEdge Demonstration

    A live and working version of TradersEdge is officially revealed to the public.


Token Distribution

A fixed number of Tokens will be offered to the public in the first quarter of 2018 to fund and expedite Hedge, the Rublix blockchain and TradersEdge development. To ensure a successful launch we have taken the time to ensure this distribution will be fair and cover all aspects of the business. The RBLX token distribution will be as follows:

  • Crowdsale
  • Community and Partners
  • Advisors and Bounty Program
  • Seed Investors
  • Company
  • Team
Peter Danihel
Self-taught programmer; Experienced options trader; Extensive experience with app development, including the sale of several internet businesses.
Lead Developer & Co-Founder
Rhys Boulanger
Experienced e-commerce entrepreneur; Developed ranking algorithms on Google; SEO Contractor for Critical Mass.
Developer & Project Manager
Chris Chan
Bachelor of Engineering – Mount Royal University; Background in smart contract development, finance, and derivative trading.
Smart Contract Developer
Jeff Chin
BBA - Northern Alberta Institute of Technology; Entrepreneurial background as the Co-Founder of Klevrhance and TAS Group.
Digital Media Manager


Simon Gerovich
Simon is CEO of Red Planet Hotels – A previous Goldman Sachs representative for nearly 6 years; Attended both the International School of Beijing and Harvard University.
Chairman Red Planet Hotels
Irina Demina
Irina is Vice President - Corporate Development at The Argon Group and has experience in bringing many start-ups to life in the blockchain space.
VP Argon Group



Rublix is always searching for talented individuals in the finance, blockchain and software engineering space. If you think you are a great fit for our team don't hesitate to contact us at

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