Rublix Team

David Waslen
CEO & Co-Founder

MBA - London Business School; BA - Dartmouth College; PE and VC background; Co-Founder of Chrysalis Acquisition Partners.

Chris Chan
Smart Contract Developer

Bachelor of Engineering - Mount Royal University; Background in smart contract development, finance, and derivative trading.

Peter Danihel
Lead Developer & Co-Founder

Self-taught programmer; Experienced options trader; Extensive experience with app development, including the sale of several internet businesses.

Jeff Chin
Digital Media Manager

BBA - Northern Alberta Institute of Technology; Entrepreneurial background as the Co-Founder of Kleverhance and TAS Group.

Vida Moayedi
Front End Developer

MSc - University of Alberta; Highly skilled in web design and development.

Rhys Boulanger
Developer & Project Manager

Experienced e-commerce entrepreneur; Developed ranking algorithims on Google; SEO Contractor for Critical Mass.

Adrian Radulescu
Full Stack Developer

Electrical engineer; Extensive background in software development, data science, machine learning, visual recognition, and market forecasting.


Simon Gerovich
Chairman Red Planet Hotels

CEO of Red Planet Hotels - A previous Goldman Sachs representative for nearly 6 years; Attended both the International School of Beijing and Harvard University.

Eric Godwin
CEO Cypherbridge Capital

Blockchain Consultant & Cryptoeconomic Analyst; Think-tank founder with a background in investment banking and macroeconomics.

Irina Demina
VP Argon Group

Vice President - Corporate Development at The Argon Group and has experience in bringing many start-ups to life in the blockchain space; Irina received an MBA from London Business School.

Nagu Thogiti
Blockchain Expert

Mathematician and computer scientist with 20+ years of cryptography and AI experience; Certified professional from MIT and member of American Mathematical Society and IEEE; Blockchain and protocol security advisor and smart contract auditor for several blockchain businesses.

Elena Ershova
Managing Partner Afina Capital

Founder of Afina Capital, a capital markets advisory firm; Extensive global markets experience having worked for leading international companies and banks in Russia, Germany and the US; Holds an Executive MBA degree from London Business School and Columbia Business School.

Viven Kalia
Blockchain Developer

Blockchain, computer science and software development background with proficient skills in over a dozen programming languages.